Well this just happened


 I was looking around for several places for a PhD in Leadership Studies online since I am not able to move and happened upon three I was very interested in.  They each required that I take the Miller Analogies Test as part of the admissions requirements.  So I found the closest testing site and scheduled the test as soon as possible.  I decided to go in raw so as to not become anxious about the test with endless study for a standardized test that serves only one purpose.  After I recieved my unofficial score from the proctor, he asked me how long I had studyed for the test.  When I told him I hadn’t even looked at how the test was formatted let alone studied for it, he suggested that I send my score off to MENSA, so I did.  Today I was just accepted!  To be honest, I am not sure how this helps me in my occupational and academic vocation other than maybe giving me a boost in sarotonin.

Maybe I can start the MENSA Viking Contingent!


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