Since I have been using the Scandinavian Journal of Management to research several topics in my courses, I have come across a lot of philosophy that I am not familiar with, even though I took several philosophy courses in my undergrad days.  The philosophy which I am referring to is phenomenology.  So, rather than discard the articles from SJM for not knowing this particular vein, I have given myself over to delving into many readings in phenomenology.  I am starting with Hegel and working forward.  Now, I will become no expert, but I will have a greater understanding and appreciation for what the authors are referring to.  I have found that European management journals are rife with philosophy, whereas many that I have read from this side of the pond are not.  I figured that I can run down this rabbit hole for a while and get the acclimation I need in order to appreciate some of the works from the Copenhagen Business School

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